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Welcome to our store! Thank you so much for visiting our eco-friendly small business.
Current lead time: Approx 5 working days
Welcome to our store! Thank you so much for visiting our eco-friendly small business.
Current lead time: Approx 5 working days

How to Order

Take a look around the site at the different types of candle covers and display cards we offer and decide which is right for you. 

If you need slightly different sizing / positioning of holes or tabs you can just leave a note with your order. 

Bespoke requests

If you need a different shape / style / design, please send us an email to enquire as we can probably do it for you and let you know the price and timing to produce. Bespoke orders are usually the same price as similar sized customised options we have available on the website. Email:

Card types

You will see we offer different white / cream card types as well as recycled Kraft and black card. We also offer white printing on black and Kraft card. For white printing onto Kraft, if the option isn’t available to select, please just leave a note with your order requesting this. 

Our ivory and black card is excellent quality 320gsm card. 

For white and recycled white we offer both 300gsm and 350gsm. For most display cards unless small, 350gsm is usually best, but if you aren’t sure what you need for your products, please buy a piece of the same gsm card from a local shop / online shop that offers this option, and cut by hand to test out before purchasing. 

For recycled Kraft card, the most eco friendly option which also prints and cuts the best is our standard 280gsm card. However, for customers who need 350gsm for their products we also offer this; it does cost more but it’s also fully recycled, biodegradable and recyclable. 

The image below shows our white, off-white and cream options. If any of these options are not available to select then please contact us.

White Card Types

Blank / non-custom printed orders

If you purchase a blank or non-custom printed option, your order will be added to our list and as soon as we can we will proceed with your cut / print and cut and send out to you as soon as possible. 

If you are outside the UK please ensure the address, email address and phone number you provide are correct for the courier booking as we will go ahead with the details against the order. 

If you are in the EU, please provide your EORI number as a note or send it to us via email:

Customised orders

If you purchase a customised option, please attach the logo if you have one when you place your order, plus details of the customisation you would like in that box. Those fields are not required, so if you prefer or if you have any trouble adding the details, you can go ahead and place your order and then email us the details:

If you don’t have a logo, it can just be your company name in a nice font. We suggest browsing Google fonts for inspiration and letting us know the name of one you like, as we can definitely get those, and then create the name in the font in your file, positioned as you would like. 

If you have other text to go on the candle cover or display card, please quote this clearly and let us know how you would like it positioned and whether you’d like it in the same font or a different font.

Please decide on the design / positioning before your order and send your details; you may wish to try this out on your computer and do a quick print and cut out by hand to see how it looks first with your product.

Please note: If you have a full colour background to your candle cover or display card this would cost more; if the option isn’t available in the listing please contact us for the price and then we can arrange the order directly or a custom listing to purchase if you decide to go ahead. 

Once we have received your order, it will be added to our order list, and when we get to yours on the list we will start work on your print / cut example files based on the information we have from you. If we haven’t received anything we would be in touch to check what your requirements are. 

We would then send either a digital file and/or a photo of an example we have created for you for you to check. If you require any amendments, please state clearly the changes you would like to positioning of text / logo / holes / slits / tabs etc to help with a quick turnaround and getting to the final version. If you aren’t sure, please try to test out first. This is so that we can provide you with a quick overall production / shipping process and have efficient communication about your order.


For blank and non customised order, it usually takes 1-3 working days to produce and ship out to you. If you have a particular timing requirement please do let us know and we will try our best to meet it. 

For customised orders, we would usually be in touch within 1-3 working days with your example to check. We would usually then have a finalised design within 1-2 days after that, depending on how many iterations are required. Once we have a finalised design we then prioritise getting your order printed and cut, and sent out to you. Again, please do let us know if there is a particular deadline you need to meet or a date/day by which you would like to receive your order ideally.